"The Legend of the Storm Goose"

By Fiona Halliday, Page Street Kids, January 2021

"With his great sheltering wings and crown of stars that lights the Scottish skies, Erin knows the heroic Storm Goose from her favorite legend will always guide Papa home from sea. But when a terrible storm strikes, it’s not Papa that comes ashore, but an injured white bird. Over the next few weeks, Erin helps the Storm Goose heal in hopes he can save Papa, but comes to accept that Papa will never come home and must instead oversee the Storm Goose’s triumphant return to the skies to save other sailors. But first, in a twist both heart-wrenching and inspiring, the legendary bird saves her from her grief.

Set against sweeping seaside landscapes of the Shetland Islands, this compassionate tale subtly guides readers through the stages of grief and shines a light on the healing power of stories."