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"Numenia and the Hurricane"

Page Street Kids, January 2020

"When the autumnal equinox arrives, Numenia takes off with her two sisters and thousands of other birds to begin their long migration from the Arctic to the islands of the Caribbean. But there is a dangerous storm brewing on the horizon. When the hurricane hits, fierce winds rip Numenia away from her family.

This small, scrappy whimbrel must make her way through unfamiliar terrain and rough conditions to reunite with her sisters. Battling hunger, loneliness, and raging winds, Numenia finds the strength to endure the elements on her miraculous journey.

Inspired by a remarkable true story of a whimbrel who fought her way through a devastating storm, this book brings a brave little shorebird to life through poetic language and vividly expressive art by a debut author-illustrator."



"[I]deally suited to being read aloud... Readers of a variety of ages will appreciate this educational, beautifully designed homage to the many creatures who are affected by climate change around the world."School Library Journal, starred review

“[Numenia and the Hurricane] would make a suspenseful storytime read-aloud... A dramatic depiction of a remarkable avian accomplishment.” Kirkus Reviews

"Halliday’s vivid depiction of Numenia will capture readers’ hearts and minds. [Numenia's] intense journey is a natural tie-in for science units on animals or extreme weather."Booklist

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